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Attention expectant Parents! Next Antenatal Breastfeeding Course Starts April 24 6-8pm



I am so thankful to be serving new families. Feel free to get in touch via text message on 07403198152 or use the booking form in the menu above to book a free, no obligation 30-minute consultation. 


When it comes to establishing breastfeeding, you can't put a value on continuity of support, and with a package, I will give you a daily thorough assessment, do safe, face-to-face visits, and signpost to other professionals if necessary (such as in the case of a tongue-tie). Check out my google reviews to learn more about how new mothers have been helped with their feeding. My passionate intention is that every mother would be able to reach her own personal breastfeeding goal, whether that be 2 weeks or 2 years, and enjoy the experience while setting up her child for lifelong health!

I also am a POSTNATAL DOULA. What's that you ask? It's more of a 'wrap around' care, because there is nothing worse than exhausted and stressed out new parents. New parents need practical help as well as emotional support. After the arrival of a baby, there is the need to have a well-deserved rest, the chance to recover, and to bond with the new addition. With my POSTNATAL DOULA support, you will be able to look back on this time as being one of the most precious of your whole life. This support includes simple meals, general tidy ups, and newborn care.

Usually time is of the essence. Don't hesitate to call me on 07403198152

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Nursing Newborn

Breastfeeding Support Care Packages

Platinum Support- Best Value

Navigating life with a newborn can be scary! New parents feel isolated now more than ever, but this package not only includes weekly safe home visits, but on-going daily support, which can answer so, so many questions! Parents will be able to ease into their new roles, rest, and enjoy their little bundle so much more. This all-inclusive package also greatly reduces chances of a new mother developing postnatal depression. Throughout the first 12 weeks, parents will feel supported and guided through their new family dynamic. 


Do you know other couples who were keen to breastfeed but were unable to do so? Breastfeeding although natural, is very much a learned skill that takes time and patience. Mum will learn to latch baby on well and painlessly. In a society where breastfeeding is very much a hidden event, we are at a severe disadvantage when we attempt to feed our own children. The UK currently has some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world. Because of these statistics, it is my mission to help change that.

In the case that further assistance needed due to tongue-tie or other problems, I can help give you to navigate available options, allowing you to make the best decisions for you and your family.

What you'll get

  • Home visits each week- with encouragement, guidance, and reassurance, this greatly reduces the chances of a mother developing postnatal depression

  • Twelve weeks of on-going message and phone support 9 am-9 pm/ 7 days a week via texts or calls or voice messages

  • Observing a typical feed to assess positioning and attachment

  • Listening to the birth story and discuss how feeding might be affected

  • Help parents to understand what a baby feeding well at the breast looks like

  • Help parents to understand normal newborn behaviour (especially sleep and hunger signals as well as baby's different cries)

  • Discuss what nappy output should be

  • Address any concerns about milk supply, and educate how milk supply works, and how to keep breasts healthy

  • Check for tongue-tie

  • How to use any expressing or storage of breastmilk supplies you may buy

  • How to use breast compressions and why they are important

  • Help to become familiar with any clothing or equipment purchased including but not limited to- pumps, slings and wraps, and pushchairs

  • Help with feeling comfortable bathing baby

  • Cost: £950.00 for 12 weeks of support

  • BONUS - a list of local parent clubs, classes, and other social activities in the area, helping mum and/or dad to connect with peers

  • BONUS - when package is booked with ample time antenatally, 3 1-hour zoom sessions will be included to help educate parents about what good feeding should look and feel like before baby arrives



  • Six weeks of weekly home visits, text and phone support (9am-9pm/ 7 days a week) to provide continual encouragement, answer any questions surrounding infant feeding including anything of the above in Platinum package ​

  • £500 / 6 weeks of support



  • Three home visits 

  • Two weeks of vital text and phone support  (9 am-9 pm/ 7 days a week)

  • £180.00 / 2 weeks of support


  • One home visit (typically 60-90 minutes) to help mum off to the best start with breastfeeding. Observing a typical feed and helping with positioning and attachment of baby. Answer any questions surrounding infant feeding including any of the above subjects from the platinum package.

  • £60.00

  • £50.00 follow up visit

“Erin has been an amazing help and support. I am extremely grateful as thanks to her knowledge and understanding of babies she identified the problem of my baby’s tongue tie which helped a lot. If it weren’t for her, baby would have continued to struggle to feed. Her positive, friendly and bubbly personality helped so much.” ADM

“I was struggling with my health and one twin in the hospital and one at home. Erin gave me the space/time to recover, and I was able to visit twin in the hospital without having to worry about George at home. She did some cleaning, cooking and washing which meant I, my mum and my husband didn’t need to worry about those chores. Erin was cheerful and empathetic. Her desire to please shines through. She clearly loves babies, and took lovely care of him and was very attentive.” KJ

"Our family is still sane (well, almost...) thanks to Erin swooping in like Wonder Woman during the postnatal weeks. And I have to admit we couldn’t bear to let her leave us until the ‘newborn’ was well over a year old!! Seriously, she is not a luxury but a necessity. Every woman should have a postnatal doula, especially if you don’t have family support." LC

Postnatal Doula Support 

Mother and Baby

Postnatal Doula sessions provide ‘wrap-around’ care to new parents. There are practical matters such as general tidy-ups and nourishing meals, which can make life with a newborn so much easier! A typical session lasts approximately three hours and the '40 day package' below can be extended if necessary. There would be ample time for mum and baby to bond, for you to get plenty of rest and to recover from the birth, and to enjoy healthy home-made meals.  Listening and empathy is part of the emotional support side, and can help prevent postnatal depression. 

Each session is different because new parents have needs that change drastically from day to day. For an example of what a session might include - it's an extra pair of hands around the house.

  • meals (as mentioned above)

  • entertaining a toddler or older child 

  • helping with a school run 

  • changing nappies 

  • bathing baby

  • winding baby (I have an excellent method!)

  • holding baby while mum has a rest or a shower

  • helping with pets 

  • laundry

  • grocery shopping

  • driving to an appointment if necessary 

  • available via text/call 9am-9pm 7 days a week with any questions


It's also a listening ear and usually reassuring parents about normal newborn behaviour. This can save an enormous amount of anxious worry. My aim is to have parents look back at this period of time as being one of the best of their entire lives! 

First 40 Day Package

week 1 - 3 visits

week 2 - 2 visits

week 3 - 2 visits

week 4 - 1 visit

week 5 - 1 visit


£100 non-refundable deposit

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